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Design & Installation

Getting a new HVAC system designed and installed correctly requires years of experience. It’s much more than connecting a few pipes.

Whether you’re a general contractor looking to install an HVAC system as part of a renovation project, or a business owner interested in replacing your existing system, you want a company with the resources and know-how to do the job right.


Island Wide HVAC is Kauai’s leader in commercial HVAC repair and maintenance services. You can count on our experienced technicians to understand your equipment and know how to repair it correctly. Even if you have an old system, we’ve worked on one like it before. We also have fast access to hundreds of parts in our warehouse for quick repairs.


To keep your HVAC systems operating at peak efficiency they need regular inspection for failing parts and issues that could cause breakdowns. Maintenance is also important for extending the life of the equipment and to help keep energy costs under control. Our service gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing everything is working right.

Temporary Spot Cooling

During  the summer  it gets so hot outside that A/C units have a hard time keeping up and overheat. The A/C shuts off. When you’re in a commercial office, and you don’t have A/C, people go nuts. They go home and no work gets done.

Temporary spot cooling can be the difference that keeps your business going no matter how hot it gets.